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Music Video Premiere by Young Phoenix

Young Phoenix, porsch Kayiana and her dancer

Art is not age related. My eyes clapped hands, the first day I saw Young Phoenix performing; With matured attitude, presence of mind, stage control and ginger. Managed by Bryan Joe Entertainment by a manager called Eddy Joe who also manages Sky Beat Records. The event changed Ogunabali Town of Port Harcourt into Young-fixing-Abali,lol. The fun was high, The crowd …

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Wedding video coverage in Nigeria

[:en]Video coverage is the popular phrase Nigerians call people who make the videos of their wedding events, occasions, anniversaries and others but this is actually an art in film making! It is so unfortunate that their are very few Videographers doing it well in this part of the world, because to do it professionally- requires more video production equipments and …

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